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No.5 Document Title:Final Testament and Letter(The long scroll)

Major Fujii Hajime

Major Fujii Hajime Major

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Material model Final Testament and Letter Remarks The long scroll
quantity 1
Medium paper, brush
size(cm) 157×35
Creation date 1945

Related kamikaze member information

Name(Sex) Major Fujii Hajime(M) Post-war class Major
age 29 Sortie base Chiran
Birthplace Joso City, Ibaraki Pref. Airplane Kawasaki Ki-45 (improved)
Home school Unit name The 45th Shinbu-tai
Date of death Mat 28, 1945 By period of origin Second Lieutenant Cadet Class 21

In December 1944, Major Fujii’s wife drowned herself and their two daughters in Arakawa River near the flying school, leaving behind a note explaining that she had taken this action to free him from the role of being a husband and his wife so that he would be free to fulfill his obligations as a soldier without compunction, hesitation, or regret.


“I sacrifice my life and die honorably for my country.

Even in death, my resolve does not waver.”

March 7 1945

45th Shinbu unit

Hajime Fujii