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No.2 Document Title:Final Testament and Letter(Zen-like musings)

Captain Masaya Abe

Captain Masaya Abe Captain

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Material model Final Testament and Letter Remarks
quantity 2
Medium paper, pencil
size(cm) 21×15
Creation date 1945

Related kamikaze member information

Name(Sex) Captain Masaya Abe(M) Post-war class Captain
age 21 Sortie base Chiran
Birthplace Koga City, Fukuoka Pref. Airplane Kawasaki Ki-45 (improved)
Home school Meiji Univ. Unit name The 24th Shinbu-tai
Date of death May 4, 1945 By period of origin Special Flight Probationary Officer Class 1

Captain Abe took off from Chiran Base on April 29 1945, but on the way to the mission, he had to land on the water near Kuroshima Island. He returned to Chiran Base with the help of a young islander by a small rowboat, and took off again for Okinawa on May 4. When he flew over Kuroshima Island, he dropped the burn ointment for the tokkō pilot and candies for the islanders in reciprocation for their kindness.


At last the attack has come. I will succeed without fail.
Death and destruction to the enemy no matter what!
I will find life in the great eternal cause.
Death brings forth life, and death can be a joy.
The order is given. Now is the time. By offering this body to His Majesty, the Empire will surely flourish
You have been such a source of help to me. Thank you for all you have done for me, from the bottom of my
heart. I pray you will all continue to fight the good flight. No greater wish could there be for a boy than this.
I, Masaya, am a happy man.
Believing in certain victory
Long Live the Emperor!
Army Second Lieutenant
Masaya Abe
Eager to depart just before the attack
Mailed from the rest station at Shinko-cho, Shimonoseki-shi
From Masaya Abe