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No.6 Document Title:Doll - made and written by young female students in Gunma Pref.-

Second Lieutenant Akira Hosoki

Second Lieutenant Akira Hosoki Second Lieutenant

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Material model Doll Remarks Two local girls in Gunma prefecture presented this doll to second lieutenant Akira Hosoki, 22-year-old tokkō pilot.
quantity 1
Medium cloth, brush
size(cm) 15×15
Creation date 1945

Related kamikaze member information

Name(Sex) Second Lieutenant Akira Hosoki(M) Post-war class Second Lieutenant
age 22 Sortie base Nyutabaru
Birthplace Unnan City, Shimane Pref. Airplane Tachikawa Ki-36
Home school Unit name The Makoto 36th Squadron
Date of death April 6, 1945 By period of origin The 9th Graduate from Flight Crew Training School


This particular artifact is a “mascot” doll handcrafted by young female students.

The symbolic significance of the subject matter is that its creator wishes to show solidarity with the soldier recipient’s cause (and fate) by accompanying him into battle (even if only in doll form). Wartime photos often show tokkō pilots with these dolls directly attached to their flight suits or person, or hanging from a cockpit area item such as a canopy release latch.