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Main exhibit room

The portraits of 1036 tokkō pilots are displayed in chronological order of when they died under the portraits, farewell letters and final scripts are exhibited.

※Kawasaki ki-61(Type3 Fighter, ”Hien”) was returned to the Japanese Aeronautic Association, the owner in September,2015.


Nakajima ki-43(Type1 Fighter,”Hayabusa”)

The ki-43 was a mainstay fighter Aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Army(in WWⅡ).The total production amounted to approximately 5,750 aircraft, that is the second largest production volume next to Navy Type 0 Fighter. A ki-43 exhibited at the Chiran Peace Museum is a life-size elaborate repro which was made for shooting of “FOR THOSE WE LOVE” released in May, 2007 in japan. The number of ki-43 used on a kamikaze mission was 166. 120 of them made a sortie from the air base of Chiran for the Okinawa area.